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Our Global Investment Strategies Team was formed to pair multi-asset class product solutions with disciplined portfolio construction processes to seek to deliver superior and consistent long term results for institutional investors and investment professionals.

The team is committed to providing world class institutional service that offers a platform of diverse resources and solution sets. The Team continuously develops, tests, and models new portfolio ideas to meet the challenges in an ever changing investment environment.

The Global Investment Strategies Team consists of ten seasoned professionals with experience in investment management, research, consulting, actuarial and corporate finance.

Asset Allocation Products
Asset Allocation Products

The Asset Allocation suite includes multi asset class product solutions with disciplined portfolio construction processes that strive to deliver positive and consistent long term results for institutional investors.

ClearPath® Lifecycle Solutions

ClearPath® Target Date Solutions seek to deliver superior performance with a level of risk appropriate for the plan member, whether retirement is three years or thirty years away. Our proprietary glidepath design allocates assets according to the plan member's risk tolerance and retirement year, to help long-term cumulative returns and preserve capital. As the member approaches the target retirement year, appropriate diversification and reduced exposure to risk are maintained. Clearpath Target Date Solutions are available as mutual funds or institutional pools.

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We offer smaller and mid-sized plans access to institutional money management expertise, with strong performance across core and specialty mandates, delivering powerful large plan benefits.

We can provide a standardized strategic balanced strategy, a tactical asset allocation strategy, or we can manage the totality of your plan assets. We have a Balanced Solution for your plan’s needs.

Balanced Trust Service

The Balanced Trust Service is a fully customizable offering in which clients build a Balanced portfolio by choosing Fidelity disciplines in each asset class to be included in their portfolio, their desired target mix, and their preferred rebalancing tolerance bands. On a monthly basis, we will automatically rebalance the portfolio if the asset mix deviates outside of the client's pre-established tolerances.

Strategic Balanced

The Strategic Balanced portfolio seeks capital growth and income by diversifying across a range of asset classes, including equity and debt securities. The Pool will typically invest approximately 60% of its assets in Canadian and non-Canadian equity securities and the remainder in fixed-income securities by investing in underlying Fidelity disciplines. The underlying investment strategies are combined in a manner such that risk-adjusted expected return is maximized. The positioning of each investment strategy is monitored to ensure the overall portfolio composition is consistent with the target allocations.

Tactical Asset Allocation

The Tactical Asset Allocation portfolio seeks to obtain capital growth and income by diversifying across a range of asset classes, including the ability to actively manage asset classes. The portfolio will invest in equity and debt securities issued anywhere in the world, and will invest in other underlying pools using a tactical asset allocation strategy. The Global Investment Strategies Team is responsible for tactical asset allocation research, portfolio design, construction and ongoing risk management and monitoring for the portfolio

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