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Michael Barnett
Executive Vice President, Institutional
(416) 217-7773<br />
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Gary Chateram<br />
Vice President, Institutional Sales Quebec, Eastern Canada &amp; Ottawa
(514) 866-7320<br />
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David Shedd<br />
Vice President, Institutional Sales British Columbia, Alberta &amp; Ontario
(416) 307-5573
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Shane Ayres
Vice President Institutional Distribution
(416) 217-7758
Catherine Dimitriadis
Vice President, Institutional Sales Manitoba, Saskatchewan &amp; Ontario
(416) 217-7657
Tracey Wong<br />
Vice President, Consultant Relations
(416) 217-7077<br />
Ryan Hendy
Director, Consultant Relations
(514) 866-7394
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Enlai Lim
Manager, Consultant Relations
(416) 217-7335
Rajan Burney <br />
Vice President, Institutional Client Management
(416) 307-5261<br />
Jeff Poulin<br />
Director, Institutional Client Management<br />
(514) 866-7307
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Lawrence Lim<br />
Director, Institutional Client Management
(416) 217-7528

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